Bring GOOD Meat home with you


Only at Huber’s Butchery.

For the first time in history, you can buy cultivated meat in retail to cook at home. Our newest product, GOOD Meat 3, is now available to buy in the frozen groceries section at Huber’s Butchery, one of Singapore’s premier producers and suppliers of high-quality meat products.

This delicious, shredded chicken is made with 3% cultivated meat in combination with plant-based ingredients, similar to the way we’ve always made our chicken. GOOD Meat 3 gives us a way to make our cultivated meat more readily available, while we continue to scale our technology.



Since Huber’s Butchery made history as the first butchery in the world to sell cultivated meat, we’ve been proud to partner with this family-owned and operated business to forward a more sustainable food system.

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The Huber brothers.

Growing up, Andre Huber used to spend his school holidays helping his father, Ernst, at the butcher shop. Along with his brother, Ryan, the Huber brothers learned everything they could about meat and made it their mission to provide top quality meat products to discerning customers. Now, a new era dawns at Huber’s – one that is in keeping with their vision and the realities of our ever-changing food system.

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