Why we make meat


We will always eat meat. To share the planet together, we have to do it differently.

“It’s a big step forward for a technology that stands to bring a desperately needed change to how the world eats.”


— Vox.com


We only have this planet.


And all of us have to share it. We’re in this together.

Any choice we make affects families across the globe. Our health and our planet’s health are deeply connected.

It’s time we nurture both.




There’s nothing natural about the meat we’re putting into our bodies.

Most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about it. We’re spending time with our families, juggling our responsibilities, trying to cobble together dinner. Across the globe, we’re all just trying our best to feed our families.

But the way we’re doing it now can’t last forever. GOOD Meat offers a new way forward.

We produce GOOD Meat in a sterile, controlled environment from a single cell, removing slaughter from the process and nearly eliminating the risk of food-borne illness.



Most of us grow up with animals. We share our homes with them. GOOD Meat allows us to respect animals, eat the food we love and feed our growing planet.

The meat industry thrives on keeping us in the dark. But that can’t last forever either. Nothing grows in the dark.

GOOD Meat uses a single cell to produce infinite amounts of meat without slaughtering a single animal. In the process, we return billions of acres of land to the Earth.



We’re eating our way to our own extinction.

The simple and uncomfortable truth is this: We’re using too much land to feed too many animals. We’re running out of space.

By making meat from cells, GOOD Meat uses far fewer resources. It emits 92% fewer carbon emissions and uses 95% less land. And the best part? We still have meat.

The Himalayas stand clear to view from Kathmandu Valley. For the first time in 30 years, air pollution had rapidly reduced as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

GOOD Meat is safer for all our families.


GOOD Meat is better for the planet.


And GOOD Meat is better for our future.


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